October 11, 2017 Legislative Update

Special Session October 2017

The North Carolina General Assembly convened a Special Session during the week of October 5th, 2017. Lawmakers met to consider Judicial District Maps and to approve Technical Corrections from the budget which passed back in July.

One item of interest to educators was the Principal Pay plan from the 2017-2018 budget. In the initial language of the budget, there was concern that some school based administrators could make less under the new pay plan than they did under their previous pay schedule. In the Technical Correction approved by the NCGA, lawmakers fixed and clarified their intended “hold harmless” provision for school based administrators and hopefully have resolved this issue. The caveat to this is that the Governor could veto this Technical Correction because of some unrelated provisions included that may draw objections from members of both parties, thereby jeopardizing an override should the Governor veto the Technical Correction. PENC lobbyists will continue to monitor this measure in the coming days and weeks. 

Also during the Special Session, Eric Hall Superintendent of the Innovative School District (previously known as the Achievement School District), has identified the 4 schools that will participate in this program:

The list of four includes:

  • Durham Public Schools: Glenn Elementary

  • Nash-Rocky Mount Schools: Williford Elementary

  • Northampton County Schools: Willis Hare Elementary

  • Robeson County Schools: Southside Ashpole Elementary

The program, which identifies low performing schools and hopes to utilize some yet to be named innovate measures to improve them, has faced resistance and has divided many in the education community as they fear that for-profit Charters may be invited to come in and administer these schools. As this program is in its infancy, PENC lobbyists will closely watch this initiative as it develops.

Finally, as announced in the previous newsletter, PENC lobbyist Bryan Holloway met with key lawmakers in September to build relationships and to exchange ideas. PENC Executive Director Bill Medlin and Holloway met with three key legislators and talked about teacher and administrator pay, school climate, and keeping lines of communication open between lawmakers and education stakeholders. Legislators who met with our lobbyist included Representative Nelson Dollar (Senior Full Appropriations Chair), Representative Justin Burr (Full Appropriations Chair), and Representative Jeffrey Elmore (Education Appropriations Chair and Education Policy Chair).

Represenative Nelson Dollar
Senior Full Appropriations Chair

Representative Justin Burr
Full Appropriations Chair

Representative Jeffrey Elmore
Education Appropriations Chair 
Education Policy Chair

Submitted by Bryan Holloway
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