September 8, 2017 Legislative Update

August NC General Assembly Highlights

The General Assembly met on August 3rd to consider the following items. Although these bills did not greatly impact Public Education, PENC will still monitor NCGA activity any time session meets to keep our members up to date.

HB 770 Various Clarifying Changes

This was a technical bill which clarified some language regarding environmental and business legislation pertaining to underground storage tanks, wildlife fisheries, and dredging easements in the Intercoastal Waterway. Click the link above for detailed language on these topics.

SB 16 Business Regulatory Reform Act 2017

This bill concerns business regulations and creates an arbitration and mediation board to resolve disputes between developers and local governments. See the link above for the list of other items covered in this bill which are minor adjustments and technical corrections.

SB 407 Employee Misclassification /IC Changes

SB 407, signed by the Governor, enacts the Employee Fair Classification Act which authorizes the Industrial Commission to hear employee complaints and to coordinate investigatory duties with state agencies officials.

SB 689 2017 Appointments Bill Modifications

See the link above for recent appointments to various state agencies and committees (among these are legislative appointments to the North Carolina Teaching Fellows Commission and the newly formed Professional educator Preparation and Standards Commission).

Senate and House Redistricting Plan

The NC General Assembly met during the week of August 27th. The most pressing action from the recent session was the approval of redrawn House and Senate legislative maps.

The General Assembly was under a deadline to redraw maps that  had been challenged in the federal courts. With the court ruling that the initial maps were essentially a product of racial gerrymandering, the NC General Assembly had to submit new maps. Both the Senate and House produced new district maps. To see those proposals see the links below. These maps are still subject to final federal court approval and are therefore still pending.

To view the Senate redistricting plan, click HERE.

To view the House redistricting plan, click HERE.

Submitted by Bryan Holloway
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